Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit.

Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit.

Those of us who live in Vancouver, are surrounded by the world of Lululemon and gym enthusiast. Some may roll their eyes (I was once you), but real talk, want a more fulfilling life? Keep yourself healthy and fit. It just opens doors to many aspects, including self-confidence, love, and respect. I am no expert, nope. But I will share my experiences with you, to shine a light where I believe we can all feel and be our best!

Where I Stand.

I’m at a point in my life where I want to put my health and fitness first. I’ve committed to the gym every morning at 6:30 am, 3-4 days per week, since the beginning of 2017. Please believe me when I say, it was the hardest for me to do: commit. There were many mornings where I wanted to strap myself to the bed and don’t want to let go. Then there are times where I do stay in bed, laying there thinking, ‘Fuck, I can’t go back to sleep. I should’ve gone to the fucken gym!”

Keep Yourself Healthy And Fit

When it comes to fitness & health, it’s never first but last on my list of priorities. Don’t get me wrong; I do commit when it’s a group effort. For example, this summer, me and my cousins committed to going on hikes every Sundays. We did this for a good two months, even on days where I only had 2 hours of sleep. But when it comes to physical activities by myself, I start… to fucken procrastinate. lol

For those who don’t know me, I am the Junk Food Queen. I lived it. I breathe it. And I ain’t proud of it, lol. I grew up eating mostly processed foods, like for many low-income families, my parents worked long hours and tried to put a quick, cheap meal on the table. I rarely touched vegetables when I was a kid; it’s rare for me to hold a piece of carrot. But I did, however, ate lots of apples (dipped in salt water, so it doesn’t brown) and oranges, thanks to my grandma. The older I got, I’ve developed severe allergies to peanuts and nuts (age 13), I was always sick (every month), I was sensitive to food (foodie here) and fucken nature (I love nature).

Enough was enough. With my family history of diabetics and cancer survivors, it was time to put my health, body, and mind first. Besides, who likes feeling insecure about their body? No one does, and I am my own worst critic.

I’m writing this, because I know I am not the only one who suffers from body shaming and have no energy to do shit all. I got you, I feel you, but let’s make a change.

Why You Should Put Your Body First:

– A boost of energy!
– Be confident with your whole essence.
– Better posture.
– Keeps bones strong.
– Lowers anxiety
– Reduces blood pressure.
– Lowers Type 2 diabetes risk.
– Maintains immune functioning
– Improves breathing, mood, and sleep.

And the list goes on! I can’t say enough of how great I feel, and most important, how confident I am of myself. With my new profound habit, I was able to cut a lot of crap out of my diet and added LOTS of vegetables with minimal meat intake. I’m not as weak and as sickly as I once was, and I am ever so grateful.