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Art Sonje Center Gallery: Abstract Art.

This is the most random gallery I have ever been to. LOL – Most of the time, I’m thinking, “seriously? but why?”

Fine Dining: Wood & Brick Restaurant

This place reminded me of a restaurant in Montreal, called Apollo, which was a good feeling. Oh how I miss Montreal. The food was tasty, and I would only recommend coming here, if you are DYING for some Italian cuisine that doesn’t have a Korean […]

I love you Skateboard P!

Remember the “Neptunes”? If you do, then y’all remember Frontin’, still one of my favorite songs throughout all these years.

Nike Sportswear Air Sauble Premium TZ

Is it me, or has Nike gotten prettier? Or shall I say, more handsome?  Loving how everything is put together, especially how they finished it with gum soles. Now, the real questions are: Have they made anything like ’em for girls? or shall I say, […]

Lotte World – “The Magical Island” Amusement Park

My thoughts of this “Magical Island” Amusement Park? And will I ever come back? Hmmm… I appreciate it for what it is, but don’t think I’ll be coming back anytime soon. I’m glad I got a chance to check this place out, just to say, […]

Seoul Metro – “What’s at the end of the tunnel?”

Seoul Metro never seem to disappoint in whichever journey it takes me.

Daniel Goleman on “Compassion”

New word:  Pizzled =  Puzzled + Pissed off.      lol

My dear little side dishes & my red juicy strawberries….

Words cannot express the way I feel every morning when I have breakfast. I don’t eat from one plate. I eat from many side dishes (ban-chan) – each one bringing in a new taste. Now if you think, “where do you fit all that in […]

Sherif E. visiting Seoul from Paris, France.

These guys are always roaming the streets – sometimes at places that really puzzles you.   But those are the little surprises I love and always have a good chuckle. I always, ALWAYS, see Garfield roaming the streets, but still, no picture with him.. He’s usually […]