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Banh Cuon Tay Ho – Saigon, Vietnam

Banh Cuon Tay Ho – Saigon, Vietnam

Bánh cuốn Tay Ho in Saigon, Vietnam. A great little place tucked away in the city center. Did you know there are other dishes us Vietnamese people have besides Pho? Bet you can’t think of any. lol Well here’s one, bánh cuốn. If a non-Vietnamese person come up […]

Roscoe’s? Check. Shopping? Check. Vietnamese Food? Double check. – California

Shopping Destination: Melrose Place. What’s for Dinner?  Vietnamese food, yet again. 🙂

Vietnamese Food for Lunch – Garden Grove, California

These are just some of the dishes we got our hands on. Little Saigon (Down Bolsa in Garden Grove, Cali) has to have the BEST Vietnamese food in North America (perhaps even better then our mother country). Me and my family rarely crave Vietnamese food […]