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The World’s Largest Department Store ϟ Busan, South Korea

The World’s Largest Department Store ϟ Busan, South Korea

Shinsegae Centum City (신세계 센텀시티) Since 2009, Shinsegae Department Store in Busan is known as the WORLD’S LARGEST DEPARTMENT STORE. With a total of 14 plus floors, you can find all brands here, alongside with an amazing food court area. I’m pretty sure you can find […]

A Friend from Home & Food – Seoul

My last week in Seoul, and what a great way to end the week with a friend from home (Vancouver, BC). I am so glad Phil made it out, because without him, it wouldn’t have had so many laughs! It was his first time in […]

Dessert: Shaved Ice at Cafe Oui, in Garogusil – Seoul

Such a cute cafe, has to be my MOST favorite out of the 100s that is located within Seoul. Doesn’t have that mainstream feel (eg. startbucks), but 2 words that would best describe this place is: cozy and warmth. Thank you Henry, for taking me […]

Korean Food: A Feast for 2.

Above: Sliced pork, raw oysters, kim chi, and sliced onion mix (middle of plate) – all wrapped in with the lettuce, add a bit of hot sauce, and you take one huge bite. HEAVEN! Above: transferred to a mixing bowl, along with the 2 side […]

Dinner in Sorae Pogu: Grilled shellfish!

The last time I had grilled shellfish was when I was younger with my family… Brings back such great memories! Ahhh… beautiful displays of assorted shellfish in those picures above! You can only imagine how wide my eyes got when it was brought to our […]

Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon

Sorae Pogu Market in Incheon is located at Sorae port. The area was originally a small fishing village but it quickly expanded with the development of the nations largest salt field in the 1930′s and the opening of the Incheon – Suwon railroad. The market […]

Traveling to Jeonju, South Korea – Part 2 + LUNCH!

Jeonju bibimbap 비빔밥 , a traditional local food, is well-known across South Korea. I am so sorry in advance for the picture below – I forgot to take a picture before I mixed it up! LOL I was so hungry! The bus ride from Seoul […]