Category: Dessert

Oh, and Dessert: Chocolate Pineapple Cake

This cake looked as good as it looked. Someone got greedy and took a huge chunk with their forks, and before getting it into their mouth, it dropped splaatt onto the floor. The 5 second rule does not apply here.. I wish I can say […]

Dessert: Shaved Ice filled with goodies!

Located in Insan-dong, Meal Top is famous for their shaved ice dessert. Shaved ice has been a favorite to many, and apparently this place is the “best”. Only 2 locations in South Korea, it’s no wonder that there would always be a long line-up outside […]

Weekly Guilty Pleasures… A Waffle Snack.

Honey & cream filled… I know, your rolling your eyes, or perhaps maybe even drooling? And yes, they are sooo not healthy. For being under a dollar, and having the food-stand at the waiting area for the subway, how can you not? I, indeed, have […]

Caffe Bene – Caramel Cinnamon Thick Toast

Ohhh… my mouth always starts to water every time.  The thick toast is toasted lightly, then they butter it up, top and bottom. Cinnamon is then sprinkled, and topped with whipped cream, LOTS of it. To finish it off, a thick drizzle of rich creamy […]