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Hiking up Mt. Bukhansan – A Major Landmark of Seoul

Bukhansan, or Bukhan Mountain, is a mountain on the northern peripheries of Seoul, South Korea. At 836.5 meters above sea level and bordering a considerable part of the city, Bukhansan is a major landmark visible from most districts of the metropolis. The name “Bukhansan” means […]

Night shots: Hosu Gongwan Park in Insan-Dong

I love that last photo. Behind the TV, are ‘people’ bowing. A little humor on how people worship the television. Night shots was hard that evening, due to lack of warmth and a tripod. My hands kept on shaking, haha. The park was beautiful and […]

My Dang Candid Shots: Thanks for the photos M!

I’ve always thought that a big laugh is a really loud noise from the soul saying, “Ain’t that the truth.”  ~Quincy Jones

Street Shot: Mr. Photographer

It’s hard to find people who would stand out in Seoul. I’ve been meaning to take random street shots of people – and finally I got one.  His retro bike caught my attention, along with his boots – which, sorry, I didn’t get in the […]

Garth Lenz: Images of beauty and devastation in Canada

Garth Lenz’ touring exhibition, “The True Cost of Oil”, has played a major part in the fight against Alberta Tar Sands Mining. – Learn more @