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Photo Shoot for Honeydrip Jewlery

Photo Shoot for Honeydrip Jewlery

Hi – it’s been a while. I know… it’s been a LONG while. I’m still blown that the last time I’ve updated my site was since… *drum rolls* August 2012. It is surprising, isn’t it? Time went by so fast, yet a lot has happened. […]

Serendipity ϟ Ear & Hair Piece Jewelry

Serendipity ϟ Ear & Hair Piece Jewelry

We dub this the Serendipity as it’s the pleasant surprise you didn’t even know you were looking for! (You can thank us later). It’s whimsical harp vibe is balanced out with a touch of edge, thanks to the daggers at the end of the ear […]



Happy Friday! After months of preparation with my 2 wonderful partners (family always), today is the day where we celebrate our hard work! We are excited, nervous, and confident that you will looooove our pieces as we launch ’em every couple of weeks… Breathe taking. […]

My DANG New: Backpack.

I know, it’s a backpack. But you have no idea how many different backpacks I’ve looked at to find the ‘one’ for the pass 2 and a half months. Canvas with color combinations: navy blue, black, with red straps, and leather accents. I can put […]

My DANG New: Dresses & Wedges.

Spring is in the air and it’s smelling real nice, especially when it comes to cute girly clothes. I am quite happy with my purchases, all for under $60 CAD. How could I not? The wedges is light as a feather and will go with […]

My DANG New: Jean Jacket and some.

Ohhhhhhh good day. For 2 months and a bit of being in Seoul, I didn’t really shop and have been wearin’ the same clothes (one bag= 5 shirts + 3 jeans) for far too long. I needed a breather. I cannot say how proud I […]

My DANG New Shades…

I lost my Ray Ban Wayfarers back home, and came to Seoul empty handed. *tears* It wasn’t your ‘all black everything’ frames (now I have an excuse to buy), but it was the tortoise shell, like the ones shown above. For under $18 CAD, super […]

Bodega x Shwood “The Bushmills” Sunglasses

Bodega & Shwood have joined forces to make a beautiful creation, The Bushmills. Different from most specs because they are made from genuine White Oak Brushmills Irish whiskey barrels, and handcrafted in Portland, Orgegon woodshop. *sigh* I am sorry to say, but these are LIMITED, […]