Calvin and Hobbes ϟ One of the Best Comic Books.

Calvin and Hobbes ϟ One of the Best Comic Books.

Calvin and Hobbes – I remember when I first laid eyes on this comic book. It was somewhere in the late 80’s/early 90’s. I was in elementary, and a classmate was doing his ‘show ‘n’ tell’ for the class. This ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ comic series was his favourite, and he read some of the cartoon stripes. Fascinated, later in the day, I went to the library to dig up 3-4 different books and signed them out.

Calvin and Hobbes follows the humorous antics of Calvin, a precocious, mischievous, and adventurous six-year-old boy, and Hobbes, his sardonic stuffed tiger. ”— Wikipedia

I am so stoked that there’s a complete series for under $100 dollars on Amazon. Definitely on my wishlist for this Christmas >=)

Out of all of the comic strips, the ones shown below are my absolute favourites. Ok, who am I kidding, it is my ALL-TIME favourite comics strip! The imagination of this kid just takes my breath away. Every time I see snow, I would think of this same comic strip. After all all these years, I still laugh out loud, like it’s my first time seeing it.

Calvin and Hobbes Christmas

Calvin and Hobbes