Month: March 2012

My DANG New: Backpack.

I know, it’s a backpack. But you have no idea how many different backpacks I’ve looked at to find the ‘one’ for the pass 2 and a half months. Canvas with color combinations: navy blue, black, with red straps, and leather accents. I can put […]

My DANG New: Dresses & Wedges.

Spring is in the air and it’s smelling real nice, especially when it comes to cute girly clothes. I am quite happy with my purchases, all for under $60 CAD. How could I not? The wedges is light as a feather and will go with […]

Art Sonje Center Gallery: Abstract Art.

This is the most random gallery I have ever been to. LOL – Most of the time, I’m thinking, “seriously? but why?”

Fine Dining: Wood & Brick Restaurant

This place reminded me of a restaurant in Montreal, called Apollo, which was a good feeling. Oh how I miss Montreal. The food was tasty, and I would only recommend coming here, if you are DYING for some Italian cuisine that doesn’t have a Korean […]

My DANG New: Jean Jacket and some.

Ohhhhhhh good day. For 2 months and a bit of being in Seoul, I didn’t really shop and have been wearin’ the same clothes (one bag= 5 shirts + 3 jeans) for far too long. I needed a breather. I cannot say how proud I […]

Dessert: Shaved Ice at Cafe Oui, in Garogusil – Seoul

Such a cute cafe, has to be my MOST favorite out of the 100s that is located within Seoul. Doesn’t have that mainstream feel (eg. startbucks), but 2 words that would best describe this place is: cozy and warmth. Thank you Henry, for taking me […]

Korean Food: A Feast for 2.

Above: Sliced pork, raw oysters, kim chi, and sliced onion mix (middle of plate) – all wrapped in with the lettuce, add a bit of hot sauce, and you take one huge bite. HEAVEN! Above: transferred to a mixing bowl, along with the 2 side […]