Month: February 2012

DongDaeMun Markets ! – Well.. a section of it.

Dongdaemun Market or Tongdaemun (abbreviated DDM) is the large commercial district comprising traditional markets and shopping centers in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea.[1] A popular shopping and tourist destination, it has been designated a Special Tourism Zone (관광특구) since 2002. – Now, the craziest thing […]

Korean Food – Lunch time! Smells so goood.

What do we have here… ahhh yes. Let’s start from the bottom left corner, work our way up and then sideways. Now the first side dish, is one of my favorite- spicy radish with green onions. After, another type of radish dish, your honey pan-fried […]

Kwang Jang Market – Beautiful COLORS – Part 2

Now if you have been following my site, you might remember the Kwang Jang Market post with all the crazy GOOD food that Seoul has to offer. If you would like to ‘re-freshen’ your memories, click HERE. It is one of the famous and oldest […]

Jongmyo Citizen’s Plaza

Original plans were to visit the famous “JONGMYO Royal Shrine”, buuuut they were closed. *sad face* Have no fear, around the area was something else entirely…. Let me show you. I stood there with my mouth hanging open with the site before me. All MEN, […]

Weekly Guilty Pleasures… A Waffle Snack.

Honey & cream filled… I know, your rolling your eyes, or perhaps maybe even drooling? And yes, they are sooo not healthy. For being under a dollar, and having the food-stand at the waiting area for the subway, how can you not? I, indeed, have […]

63 Building – Skyscraper on Yeouido island

The 63 Building was built as a landmark for the 1988 Summer Olympics. 63 refers to the building’s 63 official stories, of which 60 are above ground level and 3 are basement floors. – Soooo 63 Building offers a variety of attractions such as […]

Biking along the Han River – Seoul

*note on the colors of photos: Thought I’d give it an old school feel.

Korean Food: Rice, Soup and Noodles… Bliss.

And then, there’s Lunch….

Dinner: Tony’s Greek in Hong-dae.

Thank you Hyeong U, for finding this Greek restaurant and taking me here. Such a fab surprise! And as for you folks, did you notice in the first picture how the ‘cook’ isn’t Korean? Real deal Greek restaurant in Seoul!