Month: July 2011

Hi again, Montreal!

Returned to Montreal, for another family wedding. But this one is special, only because our family get to witness the traditional Hindu ceremony. Beautiful wedding. ┬áCongrats to my 2nd cousin and his lovely new wife. Now, what I absolutely love about Montreal, is the architecture […]

Golden Bear Seals Stadium Varsity Jackets

Simple & Sweet. Named after a minor league baseball stadium in San Francisco, ┬áthe Golden Bear Sportswear factory now occupies a building on the same city block where Left Field used to be. These Varsity jackets are made of 100% cotton with a lightweight poly […]

Disney x CLOT x MINDstyle 3-Eyed Mickey

My heart will always have a place for Walt Disney’s cartoons… But this is a trip. If I stare for too long, I could feel my eyes go crossed. Comes in 2 different color scheme. You can either get an 8″ for $132 USD or […]

Jill Bolte Taylor’s stroke of insight

If the video doesn’t work, click here. Many of us have tried to be peaceful with others, and especially with ourselves. Our minds are can be so positive, but could easily turn negative. I believe negative thoughts will project negative energy into the universe, and […]